Dating a filipino man

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It is also a sign that he is serious about your relationship.

He is happy to show around and to meet the people he holds dear.

We hope you can form your own insightful reflections out of these.

Ever heard of the stereotype that Filipino men are naturally-born mama’s boys?

The one trait that is common among Filipinos across genders is their strong regards to their family, especially their parents.

If you are dating a Filipino guy, you should expect to be introduced to his whole family: that include relatives, neighbors, and friends if he sees fit.

It is now considered Filipinos’ obsession with karaoke (more than the Japanese who popularized it) can be amusing or frustrating to other cultures.

It is considered a form of fun social activity or hobby.

What usually comes with karaoke is- you are right, food and drinks!

In fact, drinking is better with a little entertainment from a Magic Sing microphone or videoke machine.

This is when General Mac Arthur returned to Philippines and saved the local population from their enemies.

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