Dating a divorced guy with children

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Its ok to let him know how you feel or where you fit into the picture. If we were not getting along I can only imagine the behavioral issues we would be facing. my fiance & his mother has spoiled this one rotten. I too, keep meeting these men who are bad or non-existent fathers! I think it all depends on how the divorced dad you are dating handles and balances all of the relationships involved.My b/f lets his kids run wild while i'm the one disciplining mine, so i know how it feels to be in that situation. Hello, my advice to you would be like the other women said, run in the opposite direction. He has 2 children 1 daughter and 1 son who lack discipline. In addition, when the relationship between father and mother is broken it creates a hostile environment. Given the age of the post I am sure things have gotten settled, but that just my perspective. Before our son can meet our significant other, they have to the other parent. I am engaged to a divorced man with 4 adult children. He has gaiven her over ,000 in the past 4 years. I think this is what has happened to his marriages in the past. In many instances, divorce occurs because you stop putting each other first, or because of big, basic, important differences.As I said some people can handle it and some people cant. In the end remember it is your life too and you have a say what you do with it.Think about the children in this relationship, dont make it hard on them, if you think it wont work now, it wont work in the future. Well lets just say it is not worth it and your questioning about you being equipped. I myself had to help restructure discipline for my boyfriends kids. I am a father, separated from my ex (not divorced, we were never married). I am working on getting back out on the scene but there are some SUBSTANTIAL differences with my child, his mother and myself. Making sure that behavioral problems are addressed, and make sure that we both know what he is doing with us.If your having a hard time not being honest about how you feel its going to disturb your soul and if your honest enough to tell him then it may disturb his. I went through your profile and i read it and took interest in it,if you don't mind i will like you to write me on this ID If you start dating with children.must consider and expect being their step dad in the future.. When parents are cooperative and children are not caught in conflicting loyalties, a child may have a close relationship with both the father and the stepfather. You don't want the added stress once the honeymoon stage is over. I am a decent person, have a background working with kids and have none of my own. I'm meeting them next month and I'm so excited to get to earn the right to become a part of this family.Trust me ..sound like a mess it will end up a mess. Most often, children live with their mothers and stepfathers. When a child is not close to the father before the divorce, he or she often views the stepfather as the father he or she wishes the biological father had been. It's hard to deal with children from a previous relationship, and when they have no discipline it almost makes it impossible. I have 1 experience with dating a divorced man with 1 adult child. Yea, don't listen to us: I wasted YEARS of my twenties in an unstable relationship that was unstable due to his bitter ex and disobedient child. My ex-husband and I still get on well and our children are well-behaved and have good manners.

Also put yourself in his shoes and ask if theres anything you can do to help. The children may come before you anyday at anytime. Before when the relationship began everything was great we all got along fine, now there's friction in the relationship because every weekend his children are here I want no part in activities that include them, precisely because of the lack of discipline that he has towards his kids. He would not do anything except look the other way. She was jealous of all the things he and I did together and too immature to allow her father his own relationship or happiness. Two people MUST agree on all BIG issues, and this includes child-rearing!The kids learn seem to thrive when they know what their schedule is and what thier limits are. I don't want to sound critical of his parenting, especially since I have no children of my own.I would like to have a relationship with his children, but since I feel I am always biting my tongue, I make myself scarce when they come to visit.I am the product of a step relationship at a young age, it was very hard and I had it good.I have a cousin her partner has a son from a previous relationship and she thinks the son is from the devil, I have meet the son and he a wonderful little boy. Well, ask yourself are you planning to be there for the long run. If you dont take the time to fullfill your needs, and he is not taking the time to fullfill your needs it is only going make you resent him and your going to become really spiteful.

Here are some views of children with their step dad:1. When a child is young (under 7 years) at the time of the remarriage, he or she sees the new husband as a father. All of our problems were based on him having a kid, not to mention the financial stain! When my ex with children proposed, almost all the women I know/confided in told me my guy having children and child support were deal breakers... I have been seeing a man with twin girls for over a year now and, as much as I love him, I'm on the verge of ending our relationship because his children are rude, bad-mannered and unhygienic.

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