Dating a cancer guy

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I felt like I was the luckiest person, to have found my soulmate while still young, just turning twenty.It helped that he was gorgeous, with soulful brown, bottomless eyes.However, the similarities that drew us together ended up being the sore spots in our relationship.We didn't have an opposite, outgoing mate to balance out our shared moodiness and introspection.Falling in love with the silent type gets pretty quiet.What seemed like sincerity and sensitivity turned into sulkiness and over-sensitivity.I ask because in my dreams, I always pictured being the first to have his kid. True, it is nice finding that homebody like you, but boy, it is a DOUBLE-EDGED SWORD, and I am lucky we both got out of it alive or not in prison for life.

Still, I have never met another person who seemed so much my twin.

I have a strong need to socialize, be a part of a community, have myindependence and not be held down.

He is much more comfortable living a quiet,introspective life, branching out every now and then, but quickly retreatingback home for safety.

Me and my current ex of over seven years, were so in synch with eachother, to the point that it was scary. I wish that this relationship could have worked as he does too. But it's hard for me to be "just his friend", after being involved for that length of time. But he seems to be insensitive where I am sensitive. Aries is a nice guy and I like him a lot, but I don't think that this relationship will work out. What seemed to pull usapart, eventually, was how young we were when we got married, and probably ourother influencing signs.

He has Scorpio rising while I have Sagittarius rising.

What will be the best way to go about things as far as making him feel comfortable about me being in his kids life and vice versa.

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