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Barbara is looking forward to any partner, because, she observes, they're all ripped, gorgeous, and 20 years younger than her. )A Ludacris joint seemed like a good fit for this woman? They don't move across the stage at all and there are too many obvious mistakes to count. He said her intentions were clearly good, but the execution wasn't there.Scores: Carrie Ann: 5; Len: 4; Bruno: 5People boo the 4, but it was totally deserved.Len Goodman tells Terrell his feet are a bit soft and he needs to straighten his knees and dance tall. I always pronounced it in my head with the emphasis on the second syllable, like, Tuh-RELL.I guess I'm confusing him with another NFL great, Terrell Davis.Debbie, is of course, the super successful ’80s pop star.

He's really tall, with a foot difference between him and Emma.

When “American Idol” starts auditions Thursday in Orlando, ABC will be hoping another Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood is among the hopefuls.

So will Fremantle Media Group, which produces the singing contest that’s beginning its 16th season.

Carrie Ann also points out that Sasha got ahead of the music at first and never quite got the right rhythm. I thought that was the worst dance we've seen so far, not the best.

Drew is one half of the Property Brothers, the home renovation duo with a show on HGTV. Drew tells Emma that if they win the Mirror Ball trophy, he'll come renovate her kitchen.

Debbie's had some professional dance experience, having done at least one Broadway show, in addition to years of concert choreography.

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