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So, if you are one of those guys who should not be considering international dating anyhow, then forget about visiting Prague.But even if you are a decent guy, like most of our readers, and you are thinking it will be easy, well Prague is not Bangkok or Manila.Hašek’s antiwar novel, , is the most widely translated Czech novel and you should at least have an idea of the Cliff Notes version or most Czech women will consider you an uncouth barbarian even if you have a Harvard education and a Yale degree.The music of the great composers Antonín Dvořák and Gustav Mahler is still popular and you should try to listen to it before you visit.According to the most recent statistics 27% of Czechs claim to be conversant in English, but I suspect that number is significantly higher among Czech women under thirty.

In fact, Czech women are probably as independent and liberated as women from any Western nation.So, to woo a hot Czech girl you are really going to have to bring your best stuff to the ballgame or woe to you. Unlike Russian or Ukrainian girls, in Prague women are not going to be impressed simply because you don't get falling down drunk every day.Czech men have set the bar pretty high, because they treat their women very well.These women are not going to throw themselves at your feet even if you are the top Cadillac salesman in Houston.Even the approach that works like a charm on the ladies in Moscow, Kiev, or Minsk will probably get you nowhere at all in Prague or Pilsen.

No, she almost certainly will not want to do everything around the house like a Vietnamese wife, but she will be educated, sophisticated, and cultured.

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