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You wanted the calendar section, which was just behind the smutty book aisle.

I promised myself I wouldn’t start crying, and now look at me...Zero chance of catching STDs, a real human connection, and immediate gratification without strings attached—sounds like the perfect quickie, doesn't it?Intrigued by the benefits of cyber sex, I recently tried getting a little spicy online. You go into a store with a goal in mind, obtain said goal, pay, and are out of there.And so it is this author’s mission to bring a little honor to “cybersex,” giving it the same respectability that phone sex now enjoys. So if we all pool together and do this thing right, it can really, really help me out of a jam. And now just a quick note on how this book is laid out. I’m using them to break up the text a little bit, and when I use them in the middle of a cyber chat, it’s to let you know what I’m really thinking on the inside. One final thought: there is a lot of filthy language in this book. It really is pretty raw; I gotta be up front about it.At various points in this book you will see little smiley faces like the ones at the beginning of this chapter. For example: cyberslut: I want to be anally fisted. But it’s a book about proper cybersex techniques, and that by definition means more foul language than a Tarantino Film Retrospective.

(See, you knew these computers would save you time!

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