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I remember being so fired up for Christ after listening to one of his teachings that I shared the gospel with a couple of complete strangers at a Walgreens. I really respect him for dedicating his life to advancing the Kingdom full time by leading and planting churches.

I know some of you have been wounded by courtship in the past. He, like me, was a single man trying to respond to a broken relationship culture and trying to direct people back to Christ.

His call for holiness is something we should heed still.As his sons matured, the nature of his relationship with them changed.By the time they were 18 they had transitioned into the “friend stage” with him. For a great post on this, see author Mary De Muth’s wonderful advice on parenting your children through romantic relationships. While all cars break down eventually, some cars break down faster than others.This way they help their children learn to make their own good decisions.Then both young people (if they are still minors) get permission from their own parents before they start “going steady.” During the going steady phase the parents are giving advice and encouragement.

Just because something is flawed does not make it wrong or evil.

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