Consolidating tracks in itunes

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Moreover, that approach still left many users out in the cold.

The i Tunes XML represents a list of paths from a computer running i Tunes.

Once Roon is watching a folder that contains both your music files and your i Tunes XML, force a rescan: _Note that if you copy your i Tunes XML this way, subsequent changes made to your i Tunes playlists will not sync automatically._ If the above doesn't work, you can also try the following.

Make sure you have a [backup of your i Tunes library]( before proceeding.

Fortunately, you're able to use i Tunes to search for audio files and add them to your library automatically.

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i Tunes Roon can easily import your i Tunes playlists, and in most configurations, it will update them automatically if you make changes in i Tunes.

By default, your i Tunes XML is stored at these **standard locations**: - **Windows**: `C:\Users\ ` *Your User Name* `\Music\i Tunes` - **OSX**: `Users/` *Your User Name* `/Music/i Tunes` # Troubleshooting In most cases, your playlists should be imported once Roon is watching your i Tunes XML.This will work as long as your XML is stored in the same folder as your media.If you've already generated the XML and configured Roon to "watch" the folder where it's stored, all you need to do is enable i Tunes import.i Tunes XML's frequently contain references to files that have been deleted or moved, sometimes by the thousands--producing bad or confusing experiences in Roon.i Tunes XML's are also not a great authority on where files are located, and many cases i Tunes installs involving network storage could not be made to work correctly.

# Setting Up i Tunes i Tunes can create a file called an *XML file*, which contains a list of all the songs in your i Tunes library, as well as all your playlists.

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