Consolidating schools in south carolina

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Who should have the power to consolidate or split districts?

In that name it may sue and be sued and be capable of contracting and being contracted with to the extent of its school fund and holding such real and personal estate as it may have or come into possession of, by will or otherwise, or as is authorized by law to be purchased, all of which shall be used exclusively for school purposes.The following position on School District Structure and Authority was adopted at the LWVSC Convention in Sumter, SC, in April 2011: Changes in the structures of the school board, and/or consolidating, or redrawing school district lines should be subject to a referendum by the voters in the affected school district(s).Study Background Although school districts, like cities and counties, are governed by elected boards, citizens have no say in the size and method of election, and the legislature generally has the power to consolidate or split districts.FLORENCE, SC (WBTW) - A new study by the Department of Education makes the case for combining school districts statewide."They are the children; they're the workforce of the future," said Rep. "We need to prepare them for that."Alexander has long been a proponent of consolidating school districts across the state. Alexander proposed a bill that asked for a study on consolidation--similar to the one the state Department of Education just released."Our superintendent approached our delegation about a month ago and said that we really need to be serious and start considering some form of consolidation," Rep. The study reports that over a five-year period, the state could save between million and million by collaboration between districts and consolidating services within larger county districts.It says at the very least, counties could save millions by combining services like transportation and human resources."I think if we're serious about educating our kids, then we need to look at consolidating some of those services," Alexander said.

This issue is one that goes to the heart of the League's purpose, which is citizen participation in and ownership of government. Governor Sanford created a study commission that recommended only one district per county.

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