Consolidating all photos in iphoto

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As a result, all those mismatched photos spread across multiple drives and locations are consolidated into one place, easily searchable, shareable and accessible for later use.

Often times, cameras have a knack for giving your shots such non-descriptive filen ames as "Photo 112" or "Image_001".

While many applications allow you to use custom tags for the purpose of sorting, using a photo's built-in Exif information can be just as effective.

For simple organization, a free, java-based application called Amo K Exif Sorter does the job quite nicely.

Most image organization software today has this capability built in, and we're going to take a brief look at two free options — Picasa and Windows Live Photo Gallery.

However, tagging can get a lot more in-depth than that.

As a result we have a lot of photos — no, really, we have a lot of photos.

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