Consolidating accounts itunes

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This works on up to 5 computers and requires that they sign into i Tunes using the same i Tunes account.To consolidate libraries, turn on Home Sharing on all the computers you want to merge and then drag and drop the files to the computer that will store the merged library.As long as the computer is authorized for both accounts, any device you sync to that library will be able to play any media content and/or install any app in your library.

I have one for i Tunes and another one that came from Mobile Me.

When Apple recently added the two-step authentication for Apple IDs to make them more secure, I decided to sign in and update my Apple ID account.

Part of the process is to verify a device you own which will be used, along with your password, to authenticate that you are who you say you are should you want to make changes (such as your password) to your Apple ID in the future.

Some apps will copy via Home Sharing, some may not.

For ones that don't, you can redownload them onto the merged library for free.

As that happens, you'll need to know how to consolidate i Tunes libraries from multiple machines into a single, large i Tunes library on the new computer.

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