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Metamorpho's creator, Bob Haney, had seen success with DC Comics in 1963 with the titles Metal Men and Doom Patrol, featuring bands of superheroes exhibiting fantastic powers.

Instead of coming to his defense against the false accusations, Metamorpho's colleague Mr. Metamorpho is tried and convicted by a jury of rabble and is then executed by absolute zero.Metamorpho, the Element Man, debuted in The Brave and the Bold #57 (January 1965).Artist Ramona Fradon was coaxed out of maternity retirement to illustrate Metamorpho's first appearances.Issues #16–17 were intended to show a new direction for the series, with Sapphire marrying a man named Wally Bannister and Metamorpho going off with a mysterious Mr. Bent on world conquest, the queen (an exact lookalike of Sapphire's) marries Metamorpho.She later steps outside her mystic city and instantly ages 2,000 years.

The popularity of Metamorpho's appearances in The Brave and the Bold led to a 17-issue ongoing series between 19.

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