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(Tolerance in geographic areas is measured by the share of those surveyed in that area that answered “yes” to the question: “Do you think there should be laws against marriages between Negroes/Blacks/Africa/Americans and whites? Despite the fact that all the participants in the speed dating trail were in one place (in fact they are all students at Columbia University) their roots played a role in the choices they made.The magnitude of the effect of coming from intolerant background is very large.You can accept or reject potential partners, and that information is used to determine your preferences for a mate without relying on surveys.

This suggests that if preferences are driving the lack of interracial couples in the U. that outcome comes from the choices made by women and not by men.

Although many studies about dating preferences are conducted every year, often with a myriad of findings, it does make me wonder about dating preferences in Vancouver, and what a similar study conducted locally would reveal.

The city itself has been deemed by Statistics Canada as having the highest number of cross-cultural couples of any Canadian city, while British Columbia as a whole was found to have the highest proportion of interracial couples in Canada.

In this particular study participants were asked to rate the attractiveness of the people they were meeting on a scale of one to ten and, while women at least have a preference to date men of the same race as themselves, they don’t find men of their race any more attractive than men of a different race.

So same-race preference doesn’t appear to be driven by notions of what is considered attractive in a mate.

The question is: What the source of these preferences?

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