Colombian women dating advice

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If you want to surround yourself with some of the most beautiful, friendly and intelligent women in the world then you need to seriously consider taking a trip to Colombia.

It’s a fact that Colombian women are among some of the most beautiful in the world. The bad news is that the country is still poor with many people living below the poverty line.

The attractions are many, so even if you bomb out with the opposite sex, you’re still guaranteed to have a great time seeing the sights, enjoying the country, eating the food and flirting with the girls.

Are the women of Colombia different in any way to the women living elsewhere in South America?

The good news is that the women want men in their lives but their first choice is not the locals.

Sign language can get you so far, but no local language means you can’t impress a lovely lady from another country with your loving words.The country has a very rich ethnic mix based on the Spanish colonial years, African migrants to the country and of course the natural beauty of the native South Americans.Colombia is nestled between Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil and Panama and has a coastline that includes the Caribbean Sea and the South Pacific Ocean.San Andrés, Palomino, Tolú and Bahía Solano are a few of the more popular but you can get well away from it all any of the other hundred or so beaches along the coastline.You can also pick your water – Caribbean or Pacific.

Spanish is the language spoken by over 99% of Colombians, so if you want to make a good impression on your Colombian lady friend then learn some Spanish before you get here.

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