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She examines the Maytag Man who's kneeling on display, tugging at his ear and playing with his jacket zipper as he informs us that the washer is more than eye candy and can handle even the mightiest loads.Slapping the side of the machine in approval, her husband refers to the beaut as a "she," but is corrected for reasons he may never know.He's a middle-aged guy who lives in Eagle Rock and runs a nonprofit — and who represents the kind of fun-loving, down-to-earth guy Gretchen never had in Jimmy (Chris Geere).

The fourth season premiere will find her stuck in a state of arrested development, unable to go home or move past the events.alum Colin Ferguson has booked a big recurring role on Stephen Falk's critically praised FXX comedy.Ferguson will recur as Boone, a friend of Ty's (Stephen Schneider) whom Gretchen (series star Aya Cash) begins dating.This season, Geere and Cash both say, the show is exploring the characters individually more than ever before, resulting in less shared screen-time for the once-central couple.Instead, they are pulled in new directions and paired up with new players, starting with Jimmy and Bert (Raymond J.

Normally we do wait until a few episodes in to throw that curveball, but it’s very Falk-esque to throw [it] out of the gate, too.

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