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This comments on itself, as does this further tidbit: In countries with more gender equality, the average age difference is much smaller. The length of a relationship strongly correlates with the likelihood that relationship will continue.

And all in all, being absolutely delighted with the experience. I’m going to start writing down my thoughts about how bots can be used and how businesses can benefit from bots.The results don’t have to be reproducible or generalizable.They don’t have to lay out their methods, or their data, for scrutiny (and, in fact, they do that, even in anonymized form). Data scientist Pete Warden also commented on Facebook’s number-crunching on his blog: If a sociologist tells you that people in Utah only have friends in Utah, you can follow a web of references and peer review to understand if she’s believable.As research, it is an over-determined and completely constructed object of study, and its outputs are not generalizable.Ultimately, Facebook has only learned something about Facebook.

All they have to do is make a few Excel plots, publish a blog post, and voila — the Internet “knows” its six-month relationship is going to foreva. If I, or somebody at a large tech company, tells you the same, there’s no way to check.

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