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By the time he was 21, Michael had whammed his way to wealth beyond the crudest fantasies of a Cypriot restaurant-owner.With his childhood best friend Andrew Ridgeley, he entered a period that he remembers now as littered with screaming girls, fluorescent pink posing-pouches and unimaginably white teeth.2014 saw the release of their latest studio album The Movement, which is an energized and poetic collection of originals that capture the Pittsburgh based unit at their best.The past few years have found Rusted Root on a never-ending tour.Sure, the relationship with his flesh-and-blood father healed, treated with the medicines of Undeniable Success and Unimaginable Wealth.

Having collaborated with one another for what is approaching three decades they have honed the perfect combination of musical intuition, freedom, and virtuosity, which has allowed them to organically shape shift into their own distinct and undeniable vision.With follow up albums Remember (’96), Rusted Root (’98), and Welcome To My Party (’02), the band had plenty of material to fill the double album Rusted Root Live released in 2004, following the re-release of the newly re-mastered Cruel Sun in 2003.Rusted Root continued to tour relentlessly between the release of Cruel Sun and the 2009 release of Stereo Rodeo.He has been really respectful to me for a long time, and I think quite remorseful about the way he was with me when I was younger." But with every self-lacerating comment he makes - and there are plenty in this interview - I wonder if I am hearing an angry, knackered father of 30 years ago.So did Jack Panos create George Michael, only to leave a time-bomb of neurosis that killed him in the end?

He wipes something wet from his eye and says: "This is the first time in a long time I don't fear the future." He is telling me a strange story about standing at the top of the world - a story where he walks on stage before a billion people and privately panics: "I am becoming one of the biggest stars in the world - and I think I might be a poof. In their battle to drag themselves up from poverty, the family lived above a launderette and worked "constantly. In Michael's memory, his parents were "just constantly exhausted.

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