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REP 1 is our basic curriculum offered in a 45 – 90 minute block.This one-time presentation is aimed to equip students with the basics of dating violence.We discuss definitions & types of abuse, warnings signs, relevant stories and how to prevent and respond to dating violence.REP 5 is a 5-class curriculum (designed for 90-minute classes, but can be modified) that dives deeper into the issue allowing students the time for interaction and engagement.We are able to discuss healthy break-ups, conflict resolution (“fighting fair”) and further investigate why dating violence happens.Engage, educate, and empower students to make healthy relationship choices and bring this knowledge to their community.

House of Representatives has just re-introduced the International Violence Against Women Act (I-VAWA), a groundbreaking piece of legislation aimed at preventing violence against women and girls across the globe.Watch these short videos, inspired by true stories, that show how a supportive and caring adult can help a child overcome childhood trauma and exposure to violence. Make your voice heard and ask your members of Congress to co-sponsor and pass I-VAWA now!Each year, nearly 60% of youth are exposed to violence in their homes, schools, and communities.Educators use a variety of teaching methods: full-length movie, group work, activities, video clips, and music to teach students.We discuss relevant topics such as “sexting”, jealousy, healthy relationships and personal boundaries, how the media influences our actions and beliefs, and powerful stories of victims and survivors.

REP stands for the Relationship Education Project, formerly known as The Megan Project.

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