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But in talking about “where” God is, Christians are forced to retain two equal and (seemingly) opposing truths.We must with one hand cling to God’s transcendence—the ...

(1983) Chemical arguments for a cometary or asteroidal origin of tektites and impactites.

4 Milliarden Jahren, der Untersuchung von antarktischen und anderen Meteoriten, und Einschlagskratern in der Mongolei, Afrika, und anderen Gebieten. (1991) Differences between Antarctic and non-Antarctic Meteorites.

Auch die Entwicklung und Verwendung isotopengeochemischer Methoden in der Geo- und Kosmochemie sind ein Forschungsschwerpunkt. Special Section, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 55, p.

" Penny, our 4-year-old, sings the whole song: "Hosanna to the King of Kings!

" William, 20 months old, just repeats this new, favorite word. The news today is filled with terrible stories of violence and suffering.

They had to learn the language of the King James, and if they could do it, why can't others? From countless pulpits every week we hear an implicit message that has wormed its way into our minds: we lack the key to unlocking the secrets of Scripture because we don't know the original languages they were written in. Like many other families, we stayed pretty quiet about what we were experiencing.

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