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This is a great resource for finding free sites, and information about how each spiritual group sees dating.

Please visit, especially if you've decided to set your spirit free, and date outside of your known religion. Adventists * Astrological and Love Cards * Agnostics, Atheists, Skeptics * Arab and Muslim * Buddhist * Catholic * Christian * Unique, Handicapable, Physical and Mental Specialness and Challenges * Hindu/Asian/Indian/Pakistani/ and Sikh * Jewish * Later Day Saints/Mormons * Ages Specific * Health/Fitness * Outside USA * General Spiritual Dating Sites * Large General Dating Sites with Spiritual Searches * Native American * Vegetarian and Green/Eco Living * Wiccan Because of my understanding of reincarnation, I do not completely connect with the often held concept of "soul-mates" or "twin flames" as an infinitely lasting relationship.

Christianity in Germany has, since the Protestant Reformation in 1517, been divided into Roman Catholicism and Protestantism.

As a specific outcome of the Reformation in Germany, the large Protestant denominations are organized into Landeskirchen (roughly: State Churches). For the large churches in Germany (Catholic and Evangelical, i.e.

Some Nazis, such as Hans Kerrl, who served as Hitler's Minister for Church Affairs pushed for "Positive Christianity", which was a uniquely Nazi form which rejected its Jewish origins and the Old Testament, and portrayed "true" Christianity as a fight against Jews.

Nazism wanted to transform the subjective consciousness of the German people—their attitudes, values and mentalities—into a single-minded, obedient "national community".

There was some diversity of personal views among the Nazi leadership as to the future of religion in Germany.

Anti-Church radicals included Hitler's Personal Secretary Martin Bormann, Minister for Propaganda Joseph Goebbels, paganist Nazi Philosopher Alfred Rosenberg, and paganist occultist Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler.

For this reason, membership in the Catholic or the Evangelical Church is officially registered.Hitler moved quickly to eliminate Political Catholicism.Amid harassment of the Church, the Reich concordat treaty with the Vatican was signed in 1933, and promised to respect Church autonomy.They rejected fundamental theological concepts and either developed their own liberal form of religion or discarded it altogether.By 1859, they had established the Bund Freireligiöser Gemeinden Deutschlands (literally "Union of Free Religious Communities of Germany"), an association of persons who consider themselves to be religious without adhering to any established and institutionalized church or sacerdotal cult.

The Church accused the regime of "fundamental hostility to Christ and his Church".

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