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But where did Christians get the idea to use an anchor in the first place?

Understand, one of my main goals, when it came to creating, and maintaining this site, dealt with providing you, with a reliable online Christian resource. We will tell you more about ourselves, The services we offer and how to get started.Free Online Christian Resources & Information - Resources for Christian Living - Bible Study Online Articles - Christian Quotes - Free Bible Coloring Pages for Teachers & Parents - Helping to provide an Christian online environment that is: informative, adventurous, fun, rich and reliable for today's curious minds Hello, and thanks for stopping by!Tradition holds that the sea then receded three miles to reveal Clement's body buried by angels in a marble mausoleum.This is hardly a believable tale, but the story of Clement's martyrdom clearly inspired the persecuted Church. Scholars have found only a few examples dating as late as the middle of the third century, and none after 300 A. Their most common explanation is that as the Empire went from persecuting the Church to sponsoring it, Christians no longer needed secret symbols to identify themselves.

Michael Card's observations cuts to the chase, while the online entry in the Catholic Encyclopedia gives a succinct overview. *If you're interested in a detailed analysis of the symbol, check out Charles A.

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