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It can be a real struggle to live peacefully and joyfully in the stressful, high-paced world we live in today.

This expanded edition of the original Lady In Waiting includes the original text, study guide, and meditation journal.They are all great reads, and are in no particular order.I know what you're thinking, "How weird and can tell me who the 'right one' is for me." While that is true, this book focuses on how to prepare your heart to be open and willing for God to bring Mr. It's for people who are single and waiting for their future spouse, or for the couple who is contemplating marriage but wants to give their relationship to God and let Him lead.The authors wrote this book from such a different perspective that makes it unique from any other book you'll read about love.I won't give away too many details, but they begin by exploring what love means to God and explaining that love through a series of Biblical examples.

Haven't we all felt shattered and damaged after a breakup?

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