Chris evert dating 2016

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He lives 15 minutes away from me in Florida, so we spend time with each other and as a family.’Her marriage to Norman began with a lavish 100-guest £1.3m wedding which took place in the Bahamas in June 2008, but was over just 15 months later.They divorced in December 2009, amid rumours of a massive clash of egos and tensions between Norman and her sons.

She retired aged 34 with millions in the bank, a place in history and the tennis Hall of Fame.

Legendary tennis champion Chris Evert was 17 when she made her 1972 Wimbledon debut 44 years ago, though you’d never have guessed it to look at her sitting in the Royal box on Sunday to watch Andy Murray win his second title.

At 61, the golden girl of tennis looked remarkably unchanged from her heyday.

These days she runs a tennis academy for kids in her native Florida and has launched a new range of sportswear for ‘tennis moms’, which she models herself.

Despite her sporting legacy, however, Chris now says all the trophies in the world will never compensate for losing the one thing that really mattered to her - married family life - which imploded in very public and spectacular fashion 10 years ago.

Their marriage is chronicled in the biography ‘Llyod and Llyod’.

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