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But if not, you could prompt the user: There's no one else online within a mile. Sure, people might want to tweet longer messages, but tough - this is how it is and probably one reason it worked.

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I know one person in particular I ended up seeing in my stream a lot because we both lived in one area and worked in another area, and lots of others just worked in the same area as I did.

You could easily Twitter-follow them, which let you take those relationships out of Twinkle. I was one of the engineers at Tapulous, back in the day, and worked briefly on Twinkle. The users were mostly tweens, and we had a huge Chartroulette-esque problem with child porn, where users would expose themselves through the service.

In 2011, MDEC’s mandate was broadened to drive Malaysia’s transition towards a developed digital economy by 2020.

In 2012, Digital Malaysia was officially unveiled as the nation’s transformational programme to achieve this objective.

I think it retains much of the excitement of being within "walking distance" if you can drive 10 minutes to meet someone. If the fixed radius is an important feature you keep it.

In rural areas in North America, you might expect people to be much further away, but since everyone has to drive for everything anyways, it's not that big of a deal.

Couldn't the app expand that to a mile and a half if no-one's present within a mile? I think that's the original point that was being made.sorry if it sounded hostile, i appreciated the comment!

my point was that the integrity of the app relies on a fixed radius.

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The very last thing I did at Tapulous / Disney (on my last day) was kill off Twinkle, shutting down the servers. Wow - sounds kinda hostile and doesn't really address the original point (sorry if I'm misreading your response).

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