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As one of my colleagues recently posed the question, “” The issue of discrimination is one I’ve discussed before, considering why discrimination on the basis of standardized test scores is deemed to be appropriate, whereas discrimination of the basis of obesity is often not.

So let’s turn our attention towards discrimination in the sexual realm today.

As the 20th century wore on, Waterman's conservatism allowed its younger and more innovative competitors to gain market share—Parker, Sheaffer, and Wahl-Eversharp, in particular.Preferences can be funny things, or at least our judgments of them.If I were to state that, “I have no interest in hiring a black person to do this job”, I would receive more than a little condemnation for that view.From early on, precious metal trim and overlays were offered.Many are still in use today, and their nibs are prized for their smoothness and flexibility. 1900 on means that vintage examples are comparatively easy to find today.

Other designs that went on to be a landmark in luxury writing were the Lady Elsa and Lady Patricia contemporary writing pens.

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