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Possibility #3: Polyamory and/or open relationships. Now I’m getting myself onto kind of thin ice, as I don’t know all too much about polyamory (having never been in a poly relationship myself).

However, there are aces who are involved in either a poly set-up or an open relationship with an allosexual, in which the allosexual satisfies their sexual desires elsewhere.

Check out some of the personals sites linked to on the AVEN wiki–a few of them cater to people (not necessarily aces) who want nonsexual relationships.

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(This is my submission to the January Carnival of Aces, which is on the topic of nontraditional relationships and polyamory. ) I see a lot of posts from sex-repulsed young aces who are scared that, because they are unable or unwilling to compromise in sexual relationships, they will die alone and unloved.

And while there are lots of resources in the asexual community for aces in mixed (sexual) relationships, as metapianycist pointed out recently, there isn’t much out there for aces who only want nonsexual relationships.

The lack of resources for people who want nonsexual relationships is strange, because according to the results of the 2011 Asexual Awareness Week Census, 65% of self-identified asexual people are at least somewhat sex-repulsed (compared to 51% of grey-As and 39% of demis).

The fact of the matter is that relationships are hard, and just because two people share a sexual orientation doesn’t mean that they will be compatible in other areas.

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