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After a few days I imported and updated most of my music (Vinyl) records.

And I have been very positive surprised by the excellent support of this Music Connect Software during the implementation process. ) my records have been found in the offered database. There will be some further fine updates (data tuning) during the next days/weeks.

There are also plenty of ways to convert those discs into digital songs that you can play on your computer. Once you download it, you'll find AIMP has many of the same functionality and features you'd find on a stereo.

Plus, it has a few really cool functions that many stereos never had.

Have you ever wondered what to do with your CD collection now that you're listening to music on your PC?

You can always just listen to CDs on your computer and other devices with high-quality music players. Note: Right now, you cannot download AIMP to a Mac.

I never fail to be impressed by the quality of Collectorz and its support service.

If you do decide to implement multiple cloud syncing you can count me in. Sehr gute App, der Preis ist durchaus gerechtfertigt.

It looks just like a stereo with the colored controls moving up and down.Just think how long it would take for a large library that might have hundreds, if not thousands of songs.It would take you a considerable amount of time to type in the names of all your songs as well as all the other metadata information that is typically hidden inside audio files.But in general I'm very pleased with the performance during all the hours where I was working with. Even though it is now a registered trademark of Gracenote, Inc., this term is still used to describe an online resource which helps to automatically identify music.

This would, however, be the icing on a very good cake. Einlesen der Daten ist sehr komfortabel und mit der Freeversion bis 100 Datensätzen kann jeder in Ruhe entscheiden ob er mit der App zufrieden ist.

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