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You can now add these guys to the list: Dustin, Patrick, Kelly, Carnell and Bryan Breeding, better known as B5.

These five brothers are returning to the R&B forefront with Harmony-produced single “Say Yes.” “We’ve been working with him on multiple records on the album,” Dustin says of the untitled LP.

Will the album consist of R&B songs like this or raunchy records like “Cookie”? We’ve grown individually and as a group in the business.

Carnell: [Laughs] It’s not so much of the “Cookie” stuff, but it’s a mix of R&B and Pop. So what would you say are the big differences between your past and today? Speaking of growing and maturing, is anyone in a relationship right now? Patrick: Throughout the years, we’ve dabbled and dated a little bit but that’s really it.

All the siblings together formed a band named ‘B5’ in 1998 and the troupe earned a lot of acclaim and popularity over the years.

Patrick Breeding was the vocalist of this famous band and his association with the troupe helped him earn a lot of accolades.

In the future, you can use the information to create your website, blog or to start an advertising company. Oct 08/2017 How many search quality algorithms does Google use?

Vixen chatted with the guys about their big plans for the summer, what they’ve learned over the past few years and what fashion trends they want the ladies to wear this year. Carnell: It helps to put that feeling into it, so when people hear it, it’s believable. Bryan, since you are the youngest member of the group, how does it feel now to reintroduce yourself to the world? Now that I’m older, I view the world in a completely different way.

(And yes, they’re all legal.) — – VIBE Vixen: We checked your new song “Say Yes,” and we love the song and the video. As far as the music goes, we grew a lot in our writing and making beats.

Patrick Breeding is a pop singer and the lead vocalist of the pop group ‘B5’.

He started his musical journey as a child, by teaming up with his brothers.

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