Carbon dating how stuff works

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Students should complete the Analysis section of the lab sheet, which will be used as part of their assessment.

The element carbon is an essential element in all living matter.The second lesson, Radioactive Decay: A Sweet Simulation of Half-life, introduces the idea of half-life.By the end of the 8th grade, students should know that all matter is made up of atoms, which are far too small to see directly through a microscope.For students, understanding the general architecture of the atom and the roles played by the main constituents of the atom in determining the properties of materials now becomes relevant.Having learned earlier that all the atoms of an element are identical and are different from those of all other elements, students now come up against the idea that, on the contrary, atoms of the same element can differ in important ways. 79.) In this lesson, students will be asked to consider the case of when Frosty the Snowman met his demise (began to melt).

Written below is the case as it appears on The Case of the Melting Ice student sheet.

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