Can grad students dating professors

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I found the linked article to be rather out of sync - at least as far as our department of information science is concerned.

Anecdotally, I know that in other departments in our university, there have been co-ed professor-student intramural soccer/softball teams, ice cream sessions, beers, dinners etc. My teachers and the students at my institute (Life sciences, for reference) socialize a lot.

Most advices he gave are excellent but at some places you certainly get the feeling I had some twenty years ago when I was pulled over for speeding by a policeman, asked him what would be the maximal speed they would allow in that state (North Dakota), and got the reply "Sorry son, but all I can tell is that if you go under the posted limit, we won't bother you"). " I socialize and have socialized with my advisers and other related professors many times. We have an informal departmental event every week called HBI (Human Beer Interaction - yes, rather cheesy given the HCI focus of our department) where graduate students and faculty in the past have been known to hang out and talk about different things. Its a great opportunity to meet their better halves and families.

Its also really great to go to the major conferences (CHI/CSCW) in our areas and hobnob with the professors there.

But is there any reason for a professor, who would otherwise be interested, to decline offers to attend parties thrown by grad students, or to go hiking with them, or to play soccer with them, or to go to bar trivia with them?

I am fortunate enough to see this from the perspective of being a high school teacher and as a grad (Ph D) student - in the grad-professor interactions, both parties are adults, professionals in their fields and are largely working together on the project.

The supervisors/advisors are not teachers in the traditional sense, but as their role states - advisors (supervisors in Australia) - often as co-authors of mutual papers, effectively a colleague.

We have a yearly volleyball tournament in which my teachers participate, have drinks with them sometimes, are allowed to call them by their first name and I had dinner at their house for an article in the school newspaper.

You could almost describe the relation between the two groups as informal.

If this principle is understood and followed by both parties, I guess that's all "hierarchy at the graduate level" we need.

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