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He told Lateline he had been left with no option but to administer an illegal product every six hours."I've lost faith in the political system. I've lost faith in the medical system and it's devastating, honestly."Mr Peek said illegal cannabis oil had reduced the number of Suli's seizures by 90 to 95 per cent."Cannabis doesn't cure her but it gives her a reasonable quality of life and nobody has the right to take that away from her," he said.

Teresa Nicoletti, a partner at the law firm Mills Oakley, is now working full-time helping doctors and patients like Suli navigate the complexity of regulation and legislation for medicinal cannabis.

As a doctor, you can write an emergency drug order (not a prescription) to obtain small quantities of medicines from a community pharmacy for use in emergencies.

For example, when it wouldn't be practicable to give a patient a prescription for an urgently needed medicine to get it dispensed at a pharmacy.

A withdrawal plan should be developed for the patient, which may require consultation with a doctor who has experience in drug dependence.

You should politely but firmly decline the request.

Sydney GP Brad Mc Kay said he had tried at length to prescribe the medicine for his patients but had been blocked at every turn."It just seems that so many obstacles are being put in place of GPs and specialists that it's creating an impossible situation," Dr Mc Kay told Lateline."It's been in excess of 30 to 40 hours that I've put in over a four-month period.

I've spoken to GP colleagues and they look at me and say, 'Why are you prescribing it? It's too convoluted'."He said layers of state and federal regulation, often duplicated, meant he had been unable to get approval to administer medicinal cannabis to several sick patients."These are kids and we [have] a situation that prevents doctors from prescribing them a drug that's less harmful than a lot of the other drugs they use."For two years, Brisbane father Steve Peek has been unable to get access to legal medicinal cannabis oil to relieve his daughter Suli's seizures.

You could refer the person to a community Drug and Alcohol Unit – contact the Alcohol and Drug Information Service on (02) 9361 8000 or 1800 422 599 (toll free).

Alcohol and drug information can be accessed online via the Australian Drug Information Network.

Only one import permission has been applied for under Special Access Scheme Category A since it became available on June 13.

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