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What has been troubling me the most is the realization that later this year I’ll be turning 40. Pretty soon, I’m going to have to decide whether I’m serious about this. Realistically, it’s going to be difficult for me to find a beautiful young Western woman who is interested in marrying me. I suspect that living alone only gets worse from here.This impending entry into middle age naturally makes a man start asking some “big picture” questions. So I recently decided to take some time to evaluate the pros and cons of this decision. We all know what Western women are attracted to in a man. As I get older, there’s a likelihood that I may encounter illnesses and temporary or permanent physical limitations.If you would like to contact some of these guys and you are not a member yet - fill out the registration forms and become a member today!

Think carefully about inviting us back after a first date – Yes, we might well ask you but that doesn’t necessarily mean we want you to say yes.

Here are a few tips to get you moving in the right direction.

Never empty your glass – You might be shaking like a leaf and nothing would settle your nerves more than to knock back the glass of wine on your table, but trust me, it’s not worth it.

For years, I have talked and joked about my plan to eventually settle down with a Cambodian wife. If I’m going to give up being single, I would prefer to settle down with a very beautiful, young wife.

It turns out that there are exactly seven reasons why I should probably marry a Cambodian woman. They all want a guy who is “tall, dark, and handsome.” I’m 0 for 3 on this scale. A hostess at Zanzibar once pointed at my face and told me “You have nose same Cambodia man.” I’m pretty sure that’s not a compliment. But sometime over the last fifteen years, while I was busy mastering Jenga and Connect Four, all of my close friends slowly got married and started families. I only hear about them through their wives’ annoying Facebook updates. I may need someone to help me out from time to time.

Western girls grow up living in nice houses already, surrounded by pink walls and stuffed animals, dreaming of marrying a prince. Western women want a lot of other stuff from a husband. I would just tell everyone that I was in Cambodia spending time with my wife or in laws. Oh, I guess this is how Western guys have sex.” Yes, my sweet Cambodian wife would be blissfully unaware that she married a total nutcase.

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