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maybe you might feel interested and subscribe to learn a bit of spanish;) Otherwise keep reading If you are those kinds of people that feels to know everything and have everything under control, let me tell you for what they could be useful: FOR NOTHING.

When you live in another country, specially in those that you do not have any idea of their language, it will make you feel lost and crazy for a couple of weeks.

If you decide to go to a country 100% different that yours, be prepare to be born again.

“We should guarantee all of our seniors access to the care that truly meets their needs and so I am proud to advance this legislation that will improve services and support for LGBT older adults,” said Senator Baldwin, in her statement on the legislation.

“Too many LGBT older adults carry the harmful physical and emotional health effects of having lived through a lifetime of discrimination.

I know that for some, it is a really hard experience and they can’t tolerate the difficulties, the distance and finally they comeback home.

For others, it becomes a normal state of just switching the chip between cultures, but coming back home even just for a visit, results in a comedy show and a huge challenge. Well this is not an easy question, because it depends of the country and culture you are planning to go to live.

It is past time we do something about it and strengthen the Older Americans Act to better support our LGBT seniors.” “Our laws and research are not current in addressing the unique needs of the aging generation of baby boomers,” said Senator Bennet, addressing issues of one of the largest generations.

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    We also encourage our boys to question, challenge and wrestle with spiritual truths in order to come to their own personal faith.

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