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To do that you'd have to have a wireless connection within close range of the yard; preferably in the house near the stables. Then all you do is key in the address wherever you have internet service and you can see the stable.I've had wireless connection cameras before but I've found them very hit or miss and my house is only about 100ft from the foaling boxes.We have Foscam pan and tilt cameras, similar to these, 60 each on Amazon UK.(Except OH tells me that we have the ethernet version, which is not available on Amazon.). ie=UTF8&qid=1398021170&sr=8-2&keywords=Foscam pan and tilt They give a decent image, though not HD quality, and the night vision is good.I have the link on my iphone so can watch even if I'm riding or popping into town for groceries. What brand should I look out for and how expensive are they??May need to pop into an electrics store by sound of it.In 1994 Shudder To Think signed to Epic Records and released their opus Pony Express Record, an album still considered one of the most groundbreaking and influential albums of our time.

Sadly only viewable at home via wi fi, but that is a drawback of our satellite internet service provider (we are out in the sticks).

New York, NY – Shudder To Think has announced they will release Live From Home, their first ever live album, on September 15.

In the fall of 2008, ten years after the band’s breakup, Shudder To Think reunited in response to overwhelming requests from old and new fans who had either been ardent fans since their first release or those who discovered them after their breakup and had been too young to see them on their last tour.

Be interested to know what others think I know people who have used this for a foalcam. I *think* I'll be buying an i Baby monitor, someone recommended it to me as they'd used it for a little one but I think it will work well with mares too, still researching but looking likely, it would allow you to use the i Phone app to view your mare at any time.

Be interested to know what others think Do you know how easy this would be to set up?

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