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Adès and librettist Tom Cairns, who also directs the premiere, keep many of the characters from Buñuel’s large cast, making this a true ensemble opera: one in which society and its interrelations are put under the microscope.

A gay couple who ran an international paedophile ring involving a son they illegally bought from Russia reportedly planned to buy a second child to exploit.

They reportedly urged paedophiles to travel to Russia where they could pay to rape the young boy.

The paedophile ring, 'Boy Lovers Network', had 70,000 members worldwide before it was the subject of international raids that resulted in the arrests of 670 men.

"THE BLOG EVERYONE READS BUT THEY ADMIT IT TO NO ONE"Here we have the owner of the Bluewater Bar and Grill, a waterfront bar in the Bluewater Marina project in Trinity Park.

Bluewater was originally approved by Kevin "Hiding from the Pakis" Byrne as part of his "Fuck Up The Northern Beaches" agenda while Mayor.

Satirical analysis of Cairns bigot and loudmouth 4CA's John "Cueball" Mac Kenzie, washed-up radio lout.

Google lists Hillbilly Watch #1 in Cairns news reporting.....

It received its world premiere at the 2016 Salzburg Festival and in 2017 was named Premiere of the Year at the International Opera Awards.

Judge Sarah Evans Barker said she didn't want to put the trial by a jury because she felt the evidence was too heinous for people to witness.

Truong was given a reduced sentence because he cooperated with the authorities.

This figure of 91 was even known to be inadequate when the project was first approved. They wanted a (much larger) building and MUCH LESS parking on-site. It was obvious to all that this tavern would be frequented by people who own automobiles - with no other alternative available to them.

You can read the modified development approval here. What kind of dickhead removes 30% of the carparks necessary to operate his business?

Century Cranes is a locally owned and operated business and has grown into the largest crane hire company in Cairns.

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