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thanxxxxxxxxxxx If you have attached an event handler to the Cell Validating event then it will always fire when focus leaves the cell.If there are cells that you dont want to validate (eg read only cells) then add a check at the start of the event handler that will cause it to exit if it is trying to validate those cells. Add("Price", "Price") '---add a combobox column--- Dim combo Box Col As New Data Grid View Combo Box Column '---set the header text--- combo Box Col. This event is fired when the user tries to edit the Combo Box control: Private Sub Data Grid View1_Editing Control Showing( _ By Val sender As Object, _ By Val e As System. Editing Control Showing Dim combo Box Column As Data Grid View Combo Box Column = _ Data Grid View1. thankxxxxxx There are two ways to manage unwanted execution of event handlers.1) Add a conditional statement in the event handler code to only execute when required.The following code snippet adds a Combo Box control to the fifth column of the Data Grid View control: '---add columns to the Data Grid View control--- Data Grid View1.

There are two ways to manage unwanted execution of event handlers. Data Grid View Cell Validating Event Args' does not contain a constructor that takes '1' arguments" what is the solution for this???????"The validating event is firing because focus is being moved from the DGV to the button.Since you have not added your new row yet it should validate OK." yeah i think it is because of the line you have said above how can i avoid this situation??? Data Source = bindingsource '---add a combobox column to the Data Grid View control--- Data Grid View1. Add(combo Box Col) The previous code showed how you can bind a Binding Source control (containing a list of items to let the users choose) to a Data Grid View Combo Box Column control inside a Data Grid View control. Add("Price", "Price") '---create a new bindingsource control--- Dim bindingsource As New Binding Source '---add the items into the control--- bindingsource. Header Text = "Types" '---data bind it--- combo Box Col.

Public Class Purchases Implements IControl Event Public Purchase Order ID As Long = 0 Public dt As Data Table Public ds As New Data Set Private m View As Data View Dim _theme As Theme Event Changed() Private Entered By As Long Dim cmb Product Code As Combo Box Private p Code As String Public dv As Data Row View Public Product ID As Integer = 0 Public Product IDs As New List(Of Long) Dim combocolum As New Data Grid View Combo Box Column Dim namecombocolum As New Data Grid View Combo Box Column Dim Purchase Item ID As Integer = 0 Enum CBO_MODE NORMAL = 0 EDITABLE = 1 EDITABLE_WITH_NOTIFYCURRENTCELLDIRTY = 2 End Enum Const ALLOW_ADDS As Boolean = True Private MODE As CBO_MODE = CBO_MODE. Get Value(Purchase Order ID) If c Is Not Nothing Then dtp Purchase Date.

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