Building a dating database

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Create templates from your apps to reuse or share with others.Create apps that are tailored to the way you and your customers do business.They can IM, they can select and gather prospective matches and do a compatibility test... The people you have on your shelves are unresponsive because you stocked your shop with old stock. Consequently, the person who just walked into your shop is not impressed. I recommend starting with a white label dating service.

Use the richness of Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) to automate business processes and elevate the design and usability of forms and reports.

As I explained in that chapter, PHP is a server-side scripting language that lets you insert into your web pages instructions that your web server software (in most cases, Apache) will execute before it sends those pages to browsers that request them.

In a brief example, I showed how it was possible to insert the current date into a web page every time it was requested.

In this chapter, we’ll learn how to work with My SQL databases using Structured Query Language (SQL).

If you’d rather read this tutorial offline, you can download the chapters in PDF format.

Access is much more than a way to create desktop databases.

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