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For psychiatrists, it is a violation to cross the "patient-lover boundary" with any person who has ever been in the other role.

According to the American Psychiatric Association: "Sexual activity with a current or former patient is unethical....

In an effort to refine how the "no overlap" principle should be applied, I'd like to throw a small monkey wrench at this naively simplistic construct.

A pebble between the lines represents half the value of a pebble on the line above it.Pebbles on the right side of the vertical line represent positive digits and those on the left side of the line represent negative digits.A complete number is composed of various pebbles on lines and spaces, both on the positive and negative sides.So a pebble on the first line represents a 1; above the first line is a 5; second line is 10; above the second line is 50; etc.The vertical line divides positive and negative portions of the Salamis Tablet.

Two different number systems were developed, the older Attic or Herodian number system and the younger, Milesian system.

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