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Maybe they didn't know what they were doing (quite possible, since they were young). Maybe you weren't able to explain what felt good — and what felt terrible. So think of three things: First, you don't have to like oral, or anything else.

Second, you probably shouldn't rule out an entire sex act on the basis of two bad experiences.

If this guy had any true feelings for you, he would never say that about you, let alone without any reason. I’m sure it’s a lot more of what he’s crediting you for.

This guy sounds like a loser.”“Just know you didn’t do anything wrong, but a guy who ‘has feelings for you’ wouldn’t do that, so it sounds like he just used you. It will die down in time, and I wouldn’t do anything with him again.

There are just so many variables: Maybe these two guys were awful.If he's a jerk, that will hurt, but you'll know that you were crushing on the wrong guy.If people gossip, it might hurt a bit, but it will blow over fast. Don't overthink the first thing you're going to say.Feeling guilty because your crush ended up throwing your dirty laundry to the school is not your fault. (Honestly, this guy sounds like a total jerk.) My best advice is to take it in stride and tell those people it’s none of their business. They have no place commenting on your personal life, and you don’t have to respond. If you show them that what they’re saying doesn’t affect you, they’ll have nothing to go on. I'm 23 and have had a pretty great/adventurous sex life over the past several years.

The thing with this guy is that some days he’ll be super sweet and affectionate towards me, then other days he’ll be dry and just plain rude which drives me crazy.

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