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SPAM EMAILS(HACKERS) Malicious information also exists on the web.

Some examples are: products that don't really exist, fabricated news stories, misleading statistics or financial reports, false virus alerts, pyramid schemes, etc.

There are also others like Joe Naidoo in South Africa and a "Mike" that uses a UK phone number.

Even within East Africa, there are those who will draw you in and melt away upon your arrival "on the ground". It is well planned and executed and the methods are far removed from anything an unsuspecting and even savvy foreigner would even imagine.

Electrolytically refined copper sells for about 0 over copper spot prices and this is the same all over the world. Congo is number 5 and Zambia is number 8, yet people fall for the 25% discount from these two countries shipping copper through Dar Es salaam.

3)FACT NUMBER THREE: A local gold miner has local gold buyers where he sells the gold and that was the main reason for the small scale miners to open up a gold mine in the first place.

Some refineries like AA Minerals in Ghana are going to pay 2% discount for any gold that is brought to them.

Some dealers are paying spot prices and very often above the spot price.

No matter what logic is presented or how much you try to convince yourself, it's not going to happen.

With the price of copper moving up, there will be an increase in the copper cathode scams as well.

Please do not be tricked by their documents, however good or official they appear. Coffie Adams or Adams Coffie of Summit Mining Company LTD Ghana is the number one TIME WASTER" in my book... it was much later that we realized that he did not have permit to export gold.

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