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There are few, if any, arenas in which bisexual men, queer in our own right, have the space to express femininity without fear of our sexuality being nullified.

There is a deeply ingrained misconception that a man can’t be romantically involved with another man and still be interested in women as well.

Here’s the trouble: While femininity can be dangerous for gay men, it is somewhat expected of them—a form of behavior or mode of self-presentation they are “allowed.” For bi guys like me, even a little femininity threatens to erase our entire identity. Both the straight and LGBTQ community regularly speculate on the veracity of my sexuality.

I am told I don’t exist or that I’m going through a phase.

I’m bisexual, and though I’ve never once identified as gay (not even when I came out as a teenager 10 years ago), that label is an assumption I face regularly—especially from those who’ve known me when I’ve been dating men.

While part of me wants to identify proudly as femme, I’m wary of doing so, because I know it will only cause me grief.

To be sure, I am generally more feminine than stereotypical masculinity allows—but my gender expression varies.

Sometimes I present more masculine—working outside in a fitted cap and basketball shorts.

Other times I’m more feminine: I’ve been known to go out in crop tops and metallic eye shadow.

That is because masculinity, or at least the most basic stereotype of it, is meant to be dominant and to attract femininity.

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