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Richard Morse Entertainment Attorney 13935 Tahiti Way Suite 337 Marina Del Rey, CA This sleazeball Attorney Paul Sigelman is now saying that his client Albert A. Six percent of the A records have corresponding PTR records and ten percent of the PTR records have corresponding A records. This address space is assigned at various other places in the world and might therefore not be in the RIPE database. The pop-up window appeared to be offering a routine update to a legitimate software product for which updates are frequently available.

Ahdoot dba Colocation America is a private citizen whose business activities as a reseller of and lying to customers about the services being offer is not a matter of public concern. data has been transferred from RIPE Whois Database 20050221 It appears like is the same folks as Potential Predators or they are using the same play book.~ Potential which have since shut donw operation. The FBI recommends that all government, private industry, and academic personnel who travel abroad take extra caution before updating software products through their hotel Internet connection.

Complainants were also subject to paying a fee to have their mug shot removed. People booked in Florida may want to read this and them start questioning who is

Although they paid the fee, some of the mug shots were not removed. this is reprint from the manual to provide information to the general public. What individuals are authorized to inspect and receive copies of public records? S., provides that “[i]t is the policy of this state that all state, county, and municipal records are open for personal inspection and copying by any person.” (e.s.) A state citizenship requirement was deleted from the law in 1975. and, as such, possesses the same right of inspection as any other person. Likewise, a county is “any person” who is allowed to seek public records under Ch.

It’s a total Scam and they are real scum bags and have already been turned into the Attorney General’s Office and the attorney General is looking for people that have had this scam run on them. Information related to ‘ –’ inetnum: – netname: Zhibin-Liao-968785 descr: Virtual Servers country: DE admin-c: ZL283-RIPE tech-c: LSWG-RIPE status: ASSIGNED PA mnt-by: NETDIRECT-MNT mnt-lower: NETDIRECT-MNT mnt-routes: NETDIRECT-MNT changed: [email protected] changed: [email protected] changed: [email protected] changed: [email protected] source: RIPE person: RIPE Mann address: Kleyerstrasse 79 / Tor 13 address: 60326 Frankfurt am Main address: Germany phone: 49 69 90556880 fax-no: 49 69 9055688-22 abuse-mailbox: [email protected]: LSWG-RIPE mnt-by: OCOM-MNT source: RIPE changed: [email protected] person: Zhibin Liao address: jingzhoubaiyunlvshui4 2 102 address: hubei address: china e-mail: [email protected]: [email protected]: 86 13972301809 fax-no: 86 0716 8111978 mnt-by: NETDIRECT-MNT nic-hdl: ZL283-RIPE changed: [email protected] source: RIPE % Information related to ‘’ route: descr: ORG-n A8-RIPE origin: AS28753 org: ORG-n A8-RIPE mnt-lower: NETDIRECT-MNT mnt-routes: NETDIRECT-MNT mnt-by: NETDIRECT-MNT changed: [email protected] source: RIPE organisation: ORG-n A8-RIPE org-name: Leaseweb Germany Gmb H org-type: LIR address: Leaseweb Germany Gmb H Kleyer Strasse 79 / Tor 13 60326 Frankfurt Germany phone: 496990556880 fax-no: 4969905568822 e-mail: [email protected]: NETDIRECT-MNT mnt-ref: RIPE-NCC-HM-MNT mnt-by: RIPE-NCC-HM-MNT changed: [email protected] admin-c: LSWG-RIPE admin-c: GJ907-RIPE admin-c: SPW1-RIPE source: RIPE % This query was served by the RIPE Database Query Service version 1.19.9 (WHOIS1) DNS records name class type data time to live CNAME 300s () IN SOA server: email: [email protected]: 2012090910 refresh: 10000 retry: 2400 expire: 604800 minimum ttl: 3600 86400s (1.) IN A 300s () IN NS 86400s (1.) IN MX preference: 0 exchange: 300s () IN NS 86400s (1.) IN MX preference: 0 exchange: 300s () IN A 300s () IN NS 86400s (1.) IN SOA server: email: [email protected]: 2012090910 refresh: 10000 retry: 2400 expire: 604800 minimum ttl: 3600 86400s (1.) IN NS 86400s (1.) PTR phoenix.86400s (1.) 233.162.178.IN NS ns1.86400s (1.) 233.162.178.IN NS ns4.86400s (1.) 233.162.178.IN SOA server: [email protected]: 2012082203 refresh: 14400 retry: 7200 expire: 604800 minimum ttl: 86400 86400s (1.) 233.162.178.IN NS ns5.86400s (1.) — end — Attorney Richard Morse representing Albert A. Keep your computer’s anti-virus software and firewalls updated.

You need to contact the AGO, Contact this is the US federal Attorney Generals office- Ask [email protected] contact whatever state you’re in your state Attorney Generals Office and tell both that you’re being extorted and blackmailed!!! Ahdoot dba Colocation America Corporation, Colocation America, Inc., Colocation America, Colocation America now Collocation America send us a threat letter. Many of the latest browsers have a built-in phishing filter that should be enabled for additional protection.

If you and your attorney wish to work out any type of accommodation with me, it can only happen with you immediately ceasing and desisting. Here are a few tips for staying safe: Internet Connections 05/08/12— Recent analysis from the FBI and other government agencies demonstrates that malicious actors are targeting travelers abroad through pop-up windows while they are establishing an Internet connection in their hotel rooms.

You need to provide notice of that within the hour. “[A]s long as the citizens of this state desire and insist upon ‘open government’ and liberal public records disclosure, as a cost of that freedom public officials have to put up with demanding citizens even when they are obnoxious as long as they violate no laws.” State v. Recently, there have been instances of travelers’ laptops being infected with malicious software while using hotel Internet connections.

119 was to insure to the people of Florida the right freely to gain access to governmental records; the purpose of such inquiry is immaterial); and News-Press Publishing Company, Inc. BUT Thus, an agency is not authorized to impose conditions or limit access to public records based on a suspicion that the request may be for an improper purpose. In spear-phishing attacks, cyber criminals target victims because of their involvement in an industry or organization they wish to compromise.Address lookup canonical name aliases addresses 1.63 Domain Whois record Queried whois.with “dom”… City of Miami Civilian Investigative Panel, 917 So. 3d DCA 2005) (“generally, a person’s motive in seeking access to public records is irrelevant”); Staton v. The e-mail contains a link for completing the update.624 South Grand Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90017 Colocation America, Inc. The IC3 has received hundreds of complaints from individuals claiming they located their mug shots on 20 different websites, all of which allegedly use similar business practices. Anyone who believes they have been a target of this type of attack should immediately contact their local FBI office and promptly report it to the IC3’s website at The IC3’s complaint database links complaints together to refer them to the appropriate law enforcement agency for case consideration.aka United 650 South Grand Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90017 Colocation America, Inc. Some victims reported they were juveniles at the time of the arrests and their records were sealed. NET Status: client Transfer Prohibited Updated Date: 18-jun-2012 Creation Date: 12-apr-1996 Expiration Date: 13-apr-2014 Last update of whois database: Sun, UTC Queried whois.with “”… The complaint information is also used to identify emerging trends and patterns.

0850-00056 Zona 15 Panama Panama Tel: 507.65995877 Administrative Contact Fundacion Private Whois Domain Administrator Email:[email protected]: Aptds. The agency argued that it would be “disruptive” to require that the records inspection be conducted at its offices. However, the appeals court ruled that a hearing should have been held to determine whether the requestor, who was in litigation with the district, should be allowed to view the records at the district offices, and if so, under what conditions. “The motivation of the person seeking the records does not impact the person’s right to see them under the Public Records Act.” Curry v. To avoid becoming a victim, keep in mind that online businesses, including banks and merchants, typically will not ask for personal information, such as usernames and passwords, via e-mail.

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