Belleek dating piece

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Belleek pieces have marks of various colors yet the oldest Belleek mark is the black mark.

Belleek pieces with the green or gold marks are collectible and bring good prices.

Queen Victoria commissioned pieces as did members of the European upper classes and social elite.

Belleek differs from English pottery such as Staffordshire pottery, Royal Doulton, and the like.

See Belleek Marks Page 2 for information about Diamond marks found on first mark pieces Please email me for further details.Named Belleek Pottery Works Company Ltd., the ceramics firm produced parian china pieces that have a unique shape, a delicate ceramic body, and characteristic designs featuring Irish shamrocks, harps, punched out forms, detailed floral decoration, and other typically Irish motifs. John Bloomfield, an amateur ceramist, inherited land rich in kaolin, feldspar, and flint which would later be the site of the Belleek factory.Bloomfield started construction on the factory and was able to persuade local officials to construct a railway line in Belleek so coal for the pottery kilns could be delivered there.Pieces of a particular size and form are very collectible.Belleek china sets in popular patterns like the Neptune pattern and rare objects like baskets and figurines are collectible and very pricey.

Be sure that you are collecting actual Belleek pieces and not a fake or impostor piece of china.

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