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Then when she got on the computor everybody was so so nice… ” Marucho paniced grabbing preyas and shoving him into his pocket. ”said Shun “Umm,i wont say any thing.’said both Alice and Julie “We’ll stay out of this one.” “Come on Dan get a life,your muscles are small.”Runo said “Now come on bring your big ears and lets go,or your tiny muscles,but i dont care i’m going swiming.”with that Runo was off* Alice’s Odd Day Well not to many stories are being said about Alice so I decided to make one aout here where its her birthday and everybody is acting like they worship her, well everybody including Shun, Marucho, Dan, Runo, Drago, Tigrerra, Preyas, Skyress and so on.^^ Alice thought it to be so very strange when she got up it was breakfast in bed at Runo’s and the day off. “No of course not why would you want to control Dan.

Then all of a sudden Shun’s eyes got a little wider he threw the can down. ” Marucho said eager to get away from the “crazys” and the angry Runo. “We were thinking that you three went crazy and we needed to save ourselves.” They replied calmly. “Alice you give so much.” Cooed Preyas “But you could give enough to b my girlfriend.” Preyas commented. “Hey, Alice want to go with me and Drago to the park? Not wanting to hurt his offbalanced feelings she said “Um okay I geuss..” “Yay! everybody would be including Shun, Marucho, Dan, Runo, Drago, Tigrerra, Preyas, Skyress and so on.^^ You get the idea! ——————————————— Alice thought it to be so very, very odd when she woke up this morning. Entirely ignorant that it was Alice who spoke in the first place.

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