Back pocket dating

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Like I’ve said on this blog before: If a man is taking you on an emotional roller-coaster ride, realize you deserve MUCH BETTER and simply GET OFF.But back to the topic at hand, which is trying to understand the mind and the motivations of the man who BACK POCKETS a woman.

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For those of you NOT familiar with that term, that means a man will de-prioritize her importance in his life to make way for something [i.e. Because he thinks you are GOOD ENOUGH to be long-term, serious relationship material – but he doesn’t want to “settle” for GOOD ENOUGH when he can possibly find someone MUCH GREATER than YOU. Just-Not-Great-Enough is either a really good woman lacking SOMETHING important he really wants [i.e.

new job, new baby, new Call of Duty: Black Ops] or someone. wife material chick who chews the foreskin of his richard every time she tries to give him head] OR, she is a really good woman who is sufficiently adequate in all categories, but does not EXCEL in any particular instance.

When all things are considered, the simplest explanation is usually the best one. I don't take it...then again..I take is money and lip gloss......... She didn't seem to be gay, but I was wondering nevertheless. (I'm still not sure about this either)Yes, I'm a bum looker.

With apologies for the poor paraphrase to William of Ockham... I hate carrying it around....just seems to get in the way....especially when I go doens't fit in my back pocket.... She pulled it from her pocket to pay for her books. I've also talked with one who packed, but never thought of asking about it. No, I didn't know that if you carried a man-purse you were not gay. Someone is doing something unconventional and we have to assign a label to it. Men have been doing it for ages, why can't anyone else? Personally, I think purses are more sexy for girls. In the city I live in now, I have a girl wallet, because I'm a grown up, it's black, and a 3 section fold over which is a girl wallet, not a 2 section, which I consider a mans wallet, and it goes in my jacket pocket next to my chapstick. When I used to go to bars I wouldn't even bring the wallet, I'd wrap two bills around my picture ID and tuck it in my bra.

Far too many women have had to deal with the issue of having a man come into her life, loving her, and then randomly disappearing and reappearing over an extended period of time, leaving her confused and frustrated as hell.

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