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However, some women are able to orgasm from being penetrated both vaginally, and even anally. Some stay hard, but are not going to come during anal no matter what.

And yes, some men can orgasm from being penetrated anally too(without stimulating their cock aka hands free/p-spot orgasm). Some people describe it as the anal sensations being overwhelming enough that they can’t focus on their cock. And a serious percentage of men can’t come during anal unless they stroke their own cocks to make it happen.

It may be more difficult for some depending on their location and culture, so it could seem quite taboo, but the emotions and desires are very human.

u/Princess Luna So this is a common question that is asked a lot both on and off Fetlife; there are many answers to this question from going to your local munches, going to workshops, going to play parties, etc, but this article will focus on meeting women from the Fetlife website.

If you’re discrete that’s fine but show your body clothed, or nude.

Is there a possibility that pegging will make you curious to try the penis eventually?

When you and her have gotten to know one another, and when the conversation does turn sexual and about pegging, bring up strap ons that will work great for her; toys that will allow her to be stimulated, and still have you feeling good as well-if she doesn’t already have her own.

Be sure to communicate with one another thoroughly to make sure everyone is on the same page about this new found relationship!

Make sure it’s not too long that it would bore potential ladies, but make sure it’s not too short which will give off the impression that you’re just there to jack off and nut.

And as mentioned already, DO NOT have dick pictures or ass shots as your default image.

This website, keep in mind, is not a hook up site nor is it a dating site. However, it’s still possible to meet like minded people and even form sexual, d/s, romantic and even platonic relationships with people. Don’t just create a profile and then message random women; this actually means fill out your profile, upload a default picture that isn’t a picture of your dick or ass, join groups, follow and interact in discussions, do more than just like and comment on pictures or videos.

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