Avg 8 0 froze while updating

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AVG has acknowledged that the patch can send some 64-bit Windows 7 machines in to a crash cycle, forcing a reboot of the computer from which it never restarts. The problem is caused by one particular virus database update, which automatically forces the computer to reboot in order for the update to take affect.

Upon restarting, the PC will register a "c0000135 error", and will not complete the boot cycle.

BUT TB will not work more than 2-3 secs in any mode and with AVAST or not?

First I disabled all security software "Malwarebytes & Kaspersky Pure 3" tried Thunderbird and it did not work as it still freezes.

Does anyone have any clue on how to fix it so it works again?

If I open it I can click on message or menu within 5 seconds before it locks up/freezes.

About 5 seconds after Thunderbird started in safe mode it froze and I let it sit for almost 10 minutes just thinking it was slow. About 5 seconds after Thunderbird started in safe mode it froze and I let it sit for almost 10 minutes just thinking it was slow. I went into msconfig and under boot tab I selected safe boot with network checked.

I then restarted and at that point I double clicked thunderbird while holding shift, then it started and then froze about 5 seconds after first screen appeared.

I guess I learned my lesson which is to backup mail every week or two, just in case stuff like above happens. Gren Hello, Yes it is still working fine, thanks for the followup.

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