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Most Burke families were not slaveholders; however, some researchers have reported that, by 1833, 5000 slaves were mining gold in Burke County (Speculation Lands Collection of the University of NC at Asheville). During the 1920s, five Rosenwald schools were built, making Burke a full participant in the historic movement that benefited so many African-American families and communities across the South.

It was two centuries before Europeans tried to settle again this far west in the colony.

Two hundred years passed before the next Europeans: English, Scots-Irish and German colonists, attempted to settle here again.

In 1777, Burke County was formed from Rowan County.

In 1791, parts of Burke County and Rutherford County were combined to form Buncombe County.

In 1833, parts of Burke and Buncombe counties were combined to form Yancey County.

Upon arriving, Eva is charged with saving the prestigious ...

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