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In the back of my mind was the thought that I could possibly have the chance to 'enjoy myself' with a pair of Aunt Jane's panties, but the gathering went late into Saturday night, so I didn't really have a chance to get away and do some exploring.

Sunday started late and after brunch a game of football started. These were my Aunt's panties that had been on her pussy.

I found myself many times throughout the weekend just looking across the room, drinking in my Aunt's beauty.

I tried not to make it obvious, but I'm sure Jane caught me looking a few times.

My Uncle, my mother's brother, was a lawyer, who worked for a large firm and was very successful.She thanked me for coming, gave me a big hug and said any time I was down that way, I was always welcome. I had my hand in my pocket every now and then, feeling the silkiness of the panties.This kept me a little excited, and helped to ease my guilt in taking them from my Aunt's house.I was also lucky to have a relatively young couple living next door and she had some really sexy underwear.I used to admire these hanging on her clothes line, as I never had the courage to 'borrow' some for my pleasure.

The musky aroma took me over, the smell filling my senses.

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