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Forsyth Park, sometimes referred to as the Last Square because of its location, is also the city’s largest park.Encompassing twenty- one acres, it includes parkland with gardens and a magnificent central fountain.

Each themed garden depicts the story of a particular group of people who interacted with this land and its plants in distinctive ways.A historic 1840s wooden farmhouse about to be demolished was transported to these premises to serve as the garden center headquarters.This 10-acre site serves to educate the public in conservation, horticulture, landscape design, even garden therapy.Courses and lectures are routinely given in botany and related fields, tours of these and other botanical gardens are conducted, and the already fine collection of native trees (some quite mature), shrubs, and flowers is being enlarged.Coastal Georgia Botanical Gardens at the Historic Bamboo Farm - developed around a historic early 20th-century USDA plant introduction station (now closed) – is a 51-acre site ten miles southwest of downtown Savannah.

Numerous bamboo clumps, some species the first of their kind planted in the United States, grow here still, as do magnificent specimens of Japanese evergreen oak, Chinese pistachio, Oliver maple, China fir and lord’s holly.

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